The Why

A whopping 14% of men wear sunscreen even though men are more susceptible to skin cancer. So, we were on a mission to change that. The #1 reason was because they didn't like the smell and it was mind blowing how many people felt the same. So we got to work and started testing different scents and narrowing in on the perfect ones so everyone can protect their skin. This has changed so many peoples skin protection habits and we hope you'll feel the same. Protect yourself without the shame and leave the coconut for the Piña Colada.

Welcome to a brand that's as real as the sun on your skin.

No more Overripe Coconut Sunscreen

Slam is more than just sun care; it's a lifestyle choice for those who embrace bold masculinity and uncompromising authenticity. Our sunscreen seamlessly combines advanced UV protection with a distinctive, manly scent, elevating your daily routine without overpowering it.

Our Mission

At Slam, our mission is to redefine sun care for the modern man. We believe in more than just protection – our scented sunscreens blend skin defense with a bold fragrance, embodying the essence of confident masculinity. Join us in celebrating every moment under the sun with Slam, where skin health meets an aromatic experience.

Product Benefits

Along with its distinctive masculine aroma, Slam offers advanced sun protection, shielding your skin from harmful UV rays.

Whether you're at the beach, on the field, or simply enjoying the outdoors, Slam complements your active lifestyle, making skin care an integral part of your versatile and sun-filled adventures.

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